Making of Diamond Jewellery

Our designer draws inspirational designs from modern themes with a wide range of styles of glamour, magic design of birds and flowers and from celebratory occasions.

While designing the jewellery special care should be taken to provide long lasting comfort and flexibility to the wearing person.

Our experts are forced to designs excellent jewellery.

Our gemmologists search good quality of rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, pearls, garnets, etc.

They meet the highest standards in cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

Arianna try to produce pieces that reflect designer’s design.

At Arianna all designers, gemologists, gem-setters and jewelers works in a perfect harmony.

After designing and selecting of rare gemstone the architecture starts their process to take shape and after that the gold is sculpted, adjusted, polished and engraved.

This is the process where the piece of jewellery comes to life.

The gold is than chanced by the gem-setter.

Gem-setting is considered as an art of jewellery. After deciding the number of gemstones and their positioning, our craftsmen sculpt the metal so that setting done to place a gem stone.

Our gem setters opt for bead, claw, bezel, invisible, inset and channel settings in which different cut diamonds are combined.

After finesses of gem-setting, polish done so that pieces found with unique character and finishes perfectly.

Once the work of gem-setter completed, each gem stone is checked individual.